Fight City Gym Case Study

In the summer of 2013 Origin Fitness were chosen to design and build an exciting new gym and combat sports centre called Fight City Gym after meeting owners Mani Singh, Ross Adkin and Leon Jason at BodyPower Expo.

Fight City Gym

Fight City Gym is a unique facility in the heart of London, which incorporates an extremely well equipped strength and conditioning gym, as well as an excellent martial arts training centre. The staff and team at Fight City Gym have a professional, dedicated and disciplined approach to training which gives it an incredible atmosphere for anyone who is serious about sport and fitness training.


Mani, co-founder and co-owner of Fight City Gym told us:

The initial objectives were to build a facility for specialist fight training, strength & conditioning and performance/functional training all under one roof. With top quality facilities and equipment to ensure all our members achieved their goals.

The aim was to break away from regular health clubs and offer fitness enthusiasts another way of training which we feel is more driven towards results rather than filling our facility with a load of CV machines.

We also wanted to incorporate the fight/combat training facility while maintaining a non-intimidating atmosphere so those who wish to just concentrate on other aspects could do so and those new to martial arts could involve themselves with little to no worry.

Fight City Gym

Gym Design and Planning

Ryan from Origin Fitness worked from head office on the designs and plans for Fight City Gym keeping in regular contact with Mani to discuss the equipment and requirements for the site. Ryan and Mani spent a lot of time working out the most efficient way to use the space available as the gym is on the basement level of the building and choosing equipment that provided variety but also was in line with the owner’s vision for the gym.

Fight City Gym 3D Design

Choosing the Right Gym Equipment

The large underground space is split up into various sections, including; a functional training rig, fixed resistance machines, cardio machines, free weights and a fight training area with MMA cage, boxing ring and 8 punch bags.

The free weights area is packed with some of the best equipment available on the market and houses three Olympic lifting platforms which have all been customized with Fight City Gym branding (as do many of their other products including the boxing canvas and wall padding).

Fight City Gym

There is a strong focus on functional equipment in the weights areas, however Fight City Gym have installed a selection of popular fixed resistance machines including the Impulse Plate Loaded Leg Press and Leg Extension.

In the Cardio area, there is a selection of treadmills and bikes along with Concept 2 rowers. As if this wasn’t enough, Mani and the team also had Origin Fitness install a 25m artificial grass sprint track in the middle of the gym!

Fight City Gym


The staff at Origin Fitness were helpful throughout the entire process and gave us many interesting alternatives to dealing with the space and everything we wanted to get out of it. They were able to advise us on the quality and size of products and where specialist products were required.

They also showed a complete understanding of the image and type of facility we were going for. Only suggesting equipment which would be suited for the space available.

Mani Singh, Co-Owner, Fight City Gym, London.

Fight City Gym


This installation was slightly different for Origin Fitness due to the fact that our designer and sales manager had never been to the site. It was a great test for our internal staff that aren’t out on the road and have to rely on communicating accurately and effectively online and by phone.

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The most successful outcome was the overall layout, finish and ambience on the gym floor. We have been able to bring in Personal Trainers to fully utilise the space and attract members who all appreciate the quality of the facility and the equipment provided.

The definition of space created by the flooring and equipment allows the facility to be used cohesively for individual member training, classes and Personal Training.

Mani Singh, Co-Owner, Fight City Gym, London.

Fight City Gym

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