Refresh Your Gym for 2016 - Spend £5000 to Save 20%

With the January rush approaching and gym managers putting their new year plans in place, we're asking - what is it you're doing to refresh your gym for 2016? New group exercise programmes, special membership packages or personal training bundles are some great ideas, but a 'quick win' for your facility can be the addition of an exciting new piece of equipment!

We know that larger scale facility projects take lots of financial and logistical planning but if you move quickly, not only can you have a new piece of equipment delivered and installed before the new year - you can take advantage of our Refresh Your Gym special offer - when you spend £5000 with us you can save 20% with the code FRESH20!


Wattbike Pro

The Wattbike is the indoor bike of choice for pro cyclists, fitness experts and sports scientists around the world so why not give your data-driven members and coaches the gift they're dreaming of this year? Some of our clients have been giving us great feedback after incorporating Wattbike testing and analysis into their induction process and ongoing fitness testing. Not only is it a great tool for this type of activity - we believe it has the most realistic ride of any indoor cycle on the market.

Speak to one of our team about Wattbike's for your facility and remember if you spend £5000 you can save 20% as part of our Gym Refresh promotion.


Cybex Arc Trainer

The Cybex Arc trainer isn't an elliptical - it's so much more than that. In our experience, the Arc Trainer is much more popular than an elliptical when a gym presents both options to members. The advanced biomechanics work the leg muscles in a much more effective way focussing movement on the glutes and hamstrings with it's adjustable stride shape.

This piece is perfect for adding some extra capacity to your cardio zone without simply duplicating what you already have. Speak to on of our team or find out more below.


Origin Fitness Functional Training Rigs

Transform an under-utilised space into an exciting functional training zone with one of our modular Origin Fitness Functional Rigs. With over 40 configurations using the various connections and stations this combines the benefits of a bespoke rig with those of an off-the-shelf product.

Functional Training rigs like these provide a great tool to use in circuits or HIIT sessions and can also provide an awesome tool for individual users looking to undertake a more 'freestyle' type of training in the new year.


Jacobs Ladder

Another way you can shake up the cardio section of your gym for the new year is with a Jacobs Ladder. This famous piece of equipment provides a brutal workout and something massively removed from the normal CV offering seen in gyms today.

The Jacobs Ladder is self powered, so slots straight in to the gym in any space you have available without any major reorganisation. Buy it now and save 20% or get in touch with one of our team about finance options.


Self Powered and Curved Treadmills

Self-powered curved treadmills are the hottest ticket in the fitness industry at the moment and we're delighted to be launching two ranges for 2016 here at Origin Fitness - Greenjog and TrueForm. Both of these treadmills offer a power free alternative to traditional treadmills and promote a natural and efficient running motion with their rounded running decks.

A great feature is how quickly the user can increase speed up to a sprint pace - it makes them great for circuits and high intensity intervals.

curved treads

PT Package Deal

We recently launched three sizes of PT studio equipment packages. These are customisable product bundles which include everything you need to set up or refurbish your fitness suite or studio.

Speak to one of our team to find out more about how we can build a package to meet your needs. These deals can also be purchased through leasing - meaning you can pay as little as £235.04 per month over 36 months.